Vision & Mission

Our Vision springs from very strong beliefs and values.  Core values form the basis for the Vision of Ruchi Infotech Pvt. Ltd.  Strong values of honesty, integrity, loyalty and transparency.  These values are themselves based on principles of efficiency, justice, consideration and innovativeness.  

Our Beliefs are –

  • First and foremost we believe in the Power of People.  Human resource is our greatest asset.
  • There are no trophies for the runners-up in the competition war”; to be the leaders in whatever we do.  And for that,to think out of the box and to do things always innovatively.
  • IT” is included in the word “QUALITY”, all the more reason we apply our quality approach of the group to the Infotech division.
  • Always look for customer’s (external or internal) shoes, put them on quickly and take quick decisions.

Our Vision, then, is –

To become the most respected software organization in central India on client server and web technologies.